Blooms of April

The following stocks are winners to own in my opinion because they offer long term growth and they are names you should recognize. Recognition leads to continual customers and that leads to growth. Etsy – $27.5 Cabela’s- $ 54.65 Novo Nordisk A/S- $55.34 Twiter- $50.57 SUN Communities (High Dividend) – $ 62.70 Haynes International (High… Read More Blooms of April


I am a believer in global warming. For those that point to the record snow in New England as a reason for why global warming isn’t happening are living in deep denial. As global warming increases so does extreme weather. This means that there will be severe droughts in some places, record snow and cold… Read More Greeninvest

New Start

Over the past few months I haven’t posted as much as I would like but I promise my fans that my post will now come in greater frequency. This is 2015 and with the new year comes many resolutions. One of my own resolution is to get a good financial planner. Its always important to… Read More New Start

Come Back

I haven’t posted anything new in a while but will now doing it more often. For this month I recommend the following stocks: BABA, ECON (Emerging Markets consumer ETF),EWU (UNITED Kingdom ETF). I still love GOOGLE but their stocks can be expensive so my recommendation is to get ETF’s that has GOOGLE in their holdings.… Read More Come Back


When twitter goes public but buy buy buy don’t buy more than two if you do so. It may be a valuable company but a lot could go wrong. For one twitter will have to increase revenue to keep shareholders happy;they can do this by advertising more. Another way is to make some functions of… Read More Twitt