Blue Apron

According to many reports Blue Apron is going public. If it does go public I will definitely get it . I wouldn’t go all in on it but its worth purchasing a stock or two. I like it because its a multi billion company that has a lot of room for growth. According to an article… Read More Blue Apron

Stocks to Buy

AFL- Aflac ( We all need insurance for numerous things; why not go for a well known company) HD – Home Depo ( We all need tools and things to fix our home) DLTR- Dollar Tree ( We all love a budget) Facebook ( Facebook has become part of our everyday life)


According to MSM “The average Social Security check now stands at $1,335. The average couple pulls in a bit over $2,100 per month from Social Security (assuming both earn benefits).With so many retirees who have no savings – maybe half of us – and no other pensions, the Social Security check may be the… Read More Retirement


Marktevism is blending activism and capitalism. There are countless individuals who are fighting to make this world a better place. Some are protesting and others are getting into politics. Those are two good ways to go about fighting the good fight. My way is to invest in companies and products that are good for the… Read More Marktevism

Market Force

I have decided to be a market activist. What does that mean? It means that I will start betting on companies and technology that promotes the overall well-being of this planet. Global warming has always been a concern of mine. The great number of refugees going to EU from the middle east as a result… Read More Market Force